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We help individuals and organisations that want to establish Health Social Enterprises or are at a stage where they need to grow.

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We enable organisations to develop social value commissioning frameworks and calculate return on investment for stakeholders.

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We provide support to enable individuals and organisations to transition out of their host body into a Social Enterprise structure.

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We help share good practice, providing new knowledge, support and pathways for the development of Health Social Enterprise.


We work with social entrepreneurs

We work with new and existing social enterprises.

We work together to improve health and social care outcomes.

We work with NHS and academic staff to support them with taking their ideas to market, both in the private and third sectors.

We support individuals and organisations to transition out of their host body (Public Service or University) into a Social Enterprise structure, protecting intellectual property for the use of patient care, and increasing the value back to society.

Our support helps new and existing Social Enterprises to become more sustainable through innovative methods of income generation; helping them to account for their Social Value, and broker new relationships to improve health and social care outcomes for the benefit of society.



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Supporting NHS staff to establish new Social Enterprise solutions to enhance patient benefit.


Social Impact Investment is experiencing rapid growth as an innovative model to produce social return on investment, it provides new and exciting ways for individuals and organisations to invest in social impact, enhances CSR, provides tax incentives and encourages community involvement.

College Campus

Supporting universities and higher education institutes to engage with Social Entrepreneurship to improve health and social care outcomes.

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Supporting social entrepreneurs from a diverse range of backgrounds that seek advice and guidance on commercialising their ideas and setting up Health Social Enterprises. 



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Our team has a 15-year history of supporting

Health Social Enterprise

Collectively, we established over 200 social enterprises

£165M of funding secured for clients

Our team provided support to the Department of Health and the Cabinet Office

Team of Qualified Social Accountants

Experts in Social Enterprise Management​


Social Enterprises established


secured for clients


years of supporting social enterprises across our team




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