Supporting social entrepreneurs from a diverse range of backgrounds that seek advice and guidance on commercialising their ideas and setting up Health Social Enterprises.

Social Entrepreneurs come from a diverse range of backgrounds, their motivation is led by a response to a defined need in society; that may be a patient who has an idea to improve access to health information, a student that has developed a process/product within their dissertation, an employee that knows that a service can be improved or an existing SME that is led by social need.  Our research has shown that a majority of these individuals would not consider their ideas as a commercial concept and therefore would not self-identify as business people. We call them 'hidden entrepreneurs'.

THSE aims to provide specialised support to Social Entrepreneurs in the UK to develop and grow enterprise activity and new SMEs that aim to improve health outcomes for the society.  Working particularly with hidden Social Entrepreneurs we will provide a wide range of support including, coaching, mentoring, consultancy, advice and guidance, access to new networks and one to one support that will encourage Social Enterprise activity from concept to commercialisation.

Engage with hidden Social Entrepreneurs in communities which are disengaged and under-represented with low-levels of enterprise activity.


Provide early stage support through outreach, coaching, mentoring and networking to enable individuals to develop their ideas that respond to health inequalities within their community.


Develop a network of Health Social Entrepreneurs encouraging a sense of belonging and opportunities to exchange ideas, knowledge, skills and develop confidence in entrepreneurship.


Provide learning opportunities through a programme of interactive workshops that underpin a Social Entrepreneur's journey to commercialisation which include; understanding legal structures, income generation for Social Enterprise, stakeholder engagement, business ethics and management, accounting for social enterprise, business planning.


Provide a programme of masterclasses that provide support for business development such as; marketing and communications, finance and accounts, human resources, policies and procedures.


Training and development of Health Social Enterprise Mentors.


Support Social Entrepreneurs with product and service development, developing proof of concept, becoming commissioning ready and engagement with health professionals to pitch their product/service.


Providing specific support for the use of digital technology to improve health outcomes.


Support to utilise new and emerging routes to market in particular Social Prescribing, Personal Health Budgets and Payment by Results.


Increase access to social investment (for start-up and growth) including Community Development Finance Institutions, Social Enterprise Loan Schemes, Social Impact Bonds, Crowdfunding and Corporate Partnerships.

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