Cook Inspire Change (4Lunch)


Cook Inspire Change CIC

Cook Inspire Change CIC was established by Amy Win whilst she was studying Politics and Economies at the University of Manchester.  This is a student social enterprise.


Funding received so far:

£5,000            Do it Award

£9,700            Awards for All

£15,000           Paul Hamlyn Fdn


About Cook Inspire Change CIC (previously 4Lunch)


“To create social change within local communities by unlocking the power of food, we COOK with communities, INSPIRE learning and CHANGE perceptions.”



Cook Inspire Change CIC Mission:


Amy originally established 4Lunch as a Company Limited by Guarantee whilst she was studying Politics and Economics at the University of Manchester.  In the early stages 4Lunch provided catering services and a pop up street food stall.  Amy’s history of volunteering with homeless people inspired her to provide work experience and learning opportunities for young homeless people to support them into employment in the catering industry. Through early stage support from the UMIP team at the University of Manchester Amy was awarded a £5,000 grant to establish a series of courses that would further support young people on their route to employment and potentially set up their own catering company.  UMIP also provided Amy with support on building her business model, marketing and managing her business. 

Through 4 Lunch Amy also developed courses on healthy eating, food waste and cooking on a budget, through a variety of networks Amy started to deliver these courses with housing associations, charities, local authorities and within schools and colleges.

In 2014, Amy was invited to join the Just Social programme at the University of Manchester (UMIP). This was funded through UnLtd and Hefce (known as the See Change Programme).  Following the course Amy worked with Profit for Purpose (Social Enterprise Consultancy) and through this support received a £9,700 grant from Awards for All which funded the development of a Food Enterprise Programme and production of a Social Value Report.  The grant also supported the development of a business plan, feasibility study and income generation plan.  This business planning was the catalyst to establish Cook Inspire Change as a Social Enterprise and merge 4Lunch’s activities into the new CIC.  Cook Inspire Change CIC was established in August 2015 and 4Lunch ceased to trade in 2016.

Through the new CIC, the new Food Enterprise Programme (Recipe for Success) was developed and piloted, supporting individuals and organisations to set up their own Social Enterprise catering business.

Work is now underway (funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation) to set up an e-learning version of the Recipe for Success programme.

Amy also worked in Berlin, Germany for three months (1st November 2016 to 31st January 2017) as part of the EU funded ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ programme, to train her to manage café premises.

Social Value 

In 2017, Cook Inspire Change CIC produced its first social value report showing a total cost saving to society of £232,944 and a Social Return on Investment of £3.10 for every £1 invested.

Between 2013/17, 4Lunch and Cook Inspire Change has achieved the following:

6 courses developed

10 Industry Awards

44 Workshops Developed

457 Participants

5 new businesses set up

23 organisation collaborations

400 work placements

100 street food markets and catering events

21 volunteers

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