Manchester based CIC Flourish Together offer support to women leaders in the community.

Time to Grow programme

We will be launching 2 new Time to Grow Programmes – running through virtual workshops, action learning groups via ZOOM and enterprise coaching and support. These are free programmes backed by Manchester City Council and Natwest which we secured investment from prior to COVID19. These programmes are about supporting women to unlock their potential, make a difference in their communities and support them pro develop social projects businesses and campaigns. These are relevant for both start up and developing ventures. The core programmes will be calling out for participants in North Manchester and Wigan, however online workshops, virtual events and celebration conferences later in the year/early next year will be open to all.

Resilient Leaders programme

We put a call out for expressions of interest to join our Resilient Leaders programme and now have over 30 women who are part of this initial programme which involved a personal development day in March (our last physical event!) and includes a series of action learning, peer support, training sessions and links into the conference later in the year. This programme is for people who have been running their ventures for 3years+ and we have a wide range involved from organisations 3years – 10years+ being supported and showcased through the programme. Whilst the programme with focus intensive support to the 30 or so organisations already registered – the training/ peer learning events, women changemaker directory under development and conference will be open to get involved with.

Peer learning events

We run monthly peer learning events and our new calendar is about to go live which has been co-designed by our Resilient Leaders and Time to Grow participants. In the meantime our next event is ‘Twitter Why Bother?!’ – whether you are using this social media tool and want to use it better or whether you want to know how to start sign up to this free event which we have turned into a ‘Twitter Chat’ – you don’t need to have a registered account to view what gets said although to contribute to the conversation you will need an account (which is free to set up with a log in and password).

Here is the link to the first virtual event being run in a slightly different way! Other events will be run as Zoom workshops.

Podcast Series….

To support with additional tools and resources on topics people in our network often want to glean tips and information on we have a fun and light hearted series of podcasts which have been produced in association with Mic Media Productions. These offer knowledge sharing, stories, tips and anecdotes, whilst showcase women across the Flourish Together Network – you can listen to these for free HERE or find them on all major audio platforms by searching for ‘Women in Social Enterprise Podcast’

Virtual SOUP Events

Given that there are lots of organisations struggling at the moment, people are not getting opportunity to socialise as usual and there organisation needing to raise awareness about what they do and seek support, we have decided to trial some SOUP events online. These are a way for communities to raise cash to invest in local projects, whilst make connections and access support in a fun and informal way. I’ll be honest – I have never run one online!! However, we will give it a go…. Usually these work by paying £5 to attend as a social event. In return you usually you get a bowl of ‘Soup’ or some food which has been offered in kind and all the cash raised is used as a small investment pot on the night. 3-4 people pitch their businesses/ ideas to improve the community and say what they would use the cash for if they won and then all attendees get to vote on who should get the cash. We have some resources to match fund these and hope they will be a fun way to network, learn about social ventures across our network and get some no strings attached cash to ventures who need it! More details will follow. People will register for these via Eventbrite (same link as above) there will be a free ticket option for Time to Grow and Resilient Leaders participants, however the aim is to raise cash to invest in women changemakers so we would ask if you are able to buy a ticket or a pay it forward ticket that you support fellow changemakers where you can.

Facebook Group

There are various tools, information and links to opportunities being posted in our Facebook Group – if you haven’t already joined, now may be the time to help keep connected, updated and access information:

To find out more about Flourish Together by visiting their website:

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