Triangle Trust Opens for Rehabilitation of Offenders Development Grants

The Triangle Trust is currently inviting applications for Development Grants from not-for-profit organisations whose sole purpose is to support the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders.

The Development Grants provides funds towards the core costs of not-for-profit organisations who have a strategic commitment to increasing their resilience. The Trust would like to see applicants use their grants as part of a programme of work to strengthen their organisation by further improving their future resilience. This might be a short piece of work needing investment over a few months or a more significant programme of work requiring dedicated support for up to three years.

Grants are available from £10,000 up to £80,000 for a duration of six months to three years.

This is a highly competitive fund, with a success rate last year of 1 in 12 for eligible rehabilitation applicants

The deadline for applications is 4 May 2020 (12 noon). Full details can be found on The Triangle Trust website:

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