Our Accounting for Social Value support services are provided by Social Accountants who have years of experience in working in the health and social care sector; producing social accounts for organisations operating within the private and public sectors, developing social value commissioning frameworks and calculating social return on investment for a range of stakeholders.

We work with your organisation to develop Social Accounting processes that are fit for purpose and meet the requirements of the organisation’s stakeholders; whether that be funders, commissioners, investors, staff, volunteers or the community.


Accounting for Social Value can be used to market your organisation, product or service, predict the Social Value that can be created in return for investment, manage and develop your organisation's outcomes, ensure that Social Value is created in your supplier chain or simply to produce an account of your contribution to society. Our support services include:

Social Value Audit- undertaking an audit of existing monitoring and evaluation processes. 

Social Value Forecast - producing a forecast of the Social Value that could be created by your organisation/service or product.

Social Value Report - producing a report of the Social Value created by your organisation/service or product over the last year.

Measurement Frameworks - working with your organisation to develop a Social Value Measurement Framework that is bespoke to your organisation and its stakeholders.

In-house training - training your staff/volunteers to undertake the Accounting for Social Value process.

Verification - providing external verification of your Social Account.

Commissioning for Social Value - supporting organisations to meet the requirements of commissioners when competing for public service delivery contracts.

Social Value Procurement - supporting commissioners, funders and investors to develop social value supplier chains.