Our Spin-Out Support service brings together the range of support that will help individuals and organisations to transition out of their host body (Public Service or University) into a Social Enterprise structure, protecting IP for community benefit and increasing the value back to society. 

We offer a full range of support to individuals and host organisations which include:


Initial audit of feasibility for the transition of a service into a Social Enterprise model

Production of an Options Appraisal for the host body (public service or university) to make recommendations on suitable legal structures, governance and management of IP, viability of the potential 'spin-out', resources required and outline financial projections

IP Due Diligence - including the ownership of funded and collaborative projects

Development of a Transition Plan that includes the transition of people (HR), assets (financial, physical and IP), legal structure set-up, governance and operational infrastructure, income generation routes (trading, commissioning, funding and social investment), communication plans and detailed financial forecasts.

Transition Management

Post 'Spin-Out' Support - Social Enterprise and Healthcare commercialisation routes.