We offer a range of flexible options for organisations that are new to Health Social Enterprise as well as those already operating within the sector.


The programme aims to share good practice, provide new knowledge, support and pathways for the development of Health Social Enterprise.

Spin Outs - Aimed at individuals and organisations that want to spin out a Social Enterprise from the NHS or University setting - 6 half-day workshops.

Our training courses:

Networking Event

Start-Ups - Aimed at individuals and organisations that want to establish an independent Social Enterprise - 6 half-day workshops.

Accounting for Social Value - Aimed at individuals and organisations that want to establish a Social Accounting process - 6 half-day workshops.

Other Half-Day Masterclasses:

Introduction to Health Social Enterprise (Awareness Session) - the social, legal, and political context of Health Social Enterprise.

Value and Values in Business Today - The growth of social impact and value in business today; covers ethical trading, corporate social responsibility, impact investment and commissioning for social value.

Legal structures for Social Enterprise - sets out the legal and governance structure frameworks suitable for Social Enterprise; Charities, Not-for-Profit Companies, CICs and Co-operatives.

Income Generation for Social Enterprise - the development of income diversification for sustainability; Trading, Commissioning, Funding and Social Investment.

Stakeholder Engagement - how to engage with a full range of stakeholders; stakeholder mapping, value propositions, engagement methods, questions and reporting.

Accounting for Social Value - understanding Social Value, the history, social and political context, social accounting frameworks, theory of usage, undertaking a simple accounting process. 

Ethics Management - implementing an ethics management programme in your organisation; developing guiding principles, communication good practice, safeguarding and managing risks, the social contract.