Supporting universities and higher education institutes to engage with Social Entrepreneurship to improve health and social care outcomes.

Research shows that the largest gap in provision for Universities and Higher Education Institutes is supporting the Social Enterprise to transition into an independent and commercially viable company.  A majority of support being provided by HEIs is targeted at business development support – developing the Social Enterprise concept, products and services, market research and creating a business plan. 


A large majority of Universities then signpost to external provision to provide support such as legal formation, funding support, development and growth, etc.  However, the research also showed that there is a gap in specialised Social Enterprise support services which is a key barrier to the longer-term success of the Social Enterprise, as a result a high majority of University-initiated Social Enterprises do not manage to ‘spin-out’ of the Universities successfully. 


One area of need highlighted by Universities is support for academics and researchers that have developed a service or product through funded research projects and need the support to ‘spin-out’ of the University into an independent Social Enterprise, in particular within Health and Social Care.